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About us

Our story

Haas was born out of the desire of 4 people looking for a nice place to work, be creative, and create wonderful products. We wanted to create our own world, be independent, and work according to our own vision on collaboration and togetherness, without a ‘boss’ impeding that in any way. Haas is an environment in which we can develop ourselves and the people that work with us. We can learn and teach new skills here, individually and together, from each other and with each other, all with genuine passion. All 4 of us have worked in toxic environments, and we don’t want that anymore. Haas is our answer to that. For ourselves, for the people who work with us, and for all the people that benefit from our products.

Our values

We’re a forward thinking bunch. We’re progressive. We’re not afraid to try new technologies or methodologies to help improve ourselves, our people and our products. We’re motivated by a strong sense of purpose in how we work together and in what we do. Our products need to have the potential to make a difference. To make the world a better place in some way. To help people become happier. That’s our primary goal. Making money will always follow from that. We believe in working without borders. That means that we enable our people to work remotely, in ways that fit their schedules and that helps them maintain a lifestyle that is beneficial to them. We put people first. In our product development, in the way we deploy our products, and in the way we try to empower our own people.

Within haas it’s important to dare to disagree. We want to work with people who celebrate and are capable of fruitful discussion. We are looking for productive disagreement to make sure that what we do is always on the cutting edge of what we believe is possible. To do so, we need straightforward communication. Straightforward communication is working without borders in terms of being open, to the point, being capable of sending and receiving information equally well. We’re an action focused company. We work and move fast. This means that we need to make sure we’re always communicating our intentions, our vision on things, and our creative ideas. All of this requires great people, who deserve fair remuneration. We know that great people are not cheap. We offer fair remuneration in terms of money, but also in terms of our broader investment in our team through skills- and network development. Our people need to be able to live well, and profit broadly from working at haas.